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Best Blinds & Shutters is a family owned and operated business offering professional window covering solutions for both residential and commercial clients. All of our window treatments are custom made to order to fit your windows and all come with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. We carry a full line of window treatments including Plantation ShuttersCellular/Honeycomb ShadesWood and Faux wood blinds, Aluminum blinds, Verticals, Solar screensRoman shades, and Silhouettes. We are experienced with residential and large commercial properties nationwide.

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The only way to build a blind that lasts is to use the finest materials and hardware components from top to bottom and to employ the most advanced manufacturing practices from start to finish. Durability and reliability are vital in any window covering. As industry experts, we know how important it is to maintain top performance and protect your investment.  Available in 2” or 2.5” Wood or Faux Wood.

 All horizontal window blinds are raised and lowered with some type of lift system. The standard type of lift for blinds consists of a small cord being run from top to bottom of the blind going through a small hole in each slat. There is also the option to have what is called the "no holes privacy" option. The "no holes privacy" uses hidden ladders attached behind the slats. This keeps the slats a solid piece of wood, helping with insulation and light filtering.

If you have a window that is far out of reach, or just inconvenient to get to, you will want to check out the motorized tilt option (see Motorization) This is a simple motor that gets attached to the blinds, allowing you to control them with a small remote control.

The customization options extend to every part of our wood blinds, including the pieces that are not actually blinds. Best Blinds & Shutters has many options of upgraded valances to attach to your window blinds, giving them that extra touch of class. The upgraded valances can vary with the type and size of the blinds, ranging from a 3" valance on most of our two inch blinds, to an elegant 5" crown valance on our 2 1/2" signature wood blinds.